Law on domestic employment (LAW no. 4 of 5/2/2018)

Domestic duties such as house cleaning, cooking, laundry, as well as childrearing, will be considered paid work covered by the government. Pay will be allotted based on hours of work completed, and those whom the law applies to can submit a request to be on this payroll for their work. Regulation of this work is to be negotiated but the legal decisions must be made by a group consisting of at least 51% women.

§ 1. Certain activities performed in the home, without the use of paid labour, is considered domestic employment and remunerated hourly by the government. The types of activities include cleaning, cooking and childcare.

Para. 2. Decisions about the contents of this law, such as hourly rates and types of work included can only be negotiated by competent parties.

Para 3. For the parties mentioned in § 1, para. 2 to be competent more than half of the members must be women.