Kalaallit Nunaanni aqqusinermi angallannermut inatsit nr. 995, 26. oktober 2006 – imeersoq

Al ATV’S in greenland must have a chip installed in them. (ATV’s do long-term damage to the nature – much worse than snowmobiles- especially when they are driven into soft tundra and marshes. The chip will enable us to see which ATV drove into forbidden areas and damage. regulations and punishmen need to be put in place before there are ??????? urgent with plans for roads between Kangerlussuaq – Sisimiut, Nuuk – Kapisillit, etc. and with rapid development of Tourism. In Nuuk we can see ugle damage by 4WD´s in Qinngorput, the valley from Isikkivik etc. which have been there for over 10 years.

§ 5b. ATV-t tamarmik GPs-eqassapput, angallatip sumiinneranik nalunaarsuisumik.