Announcement on Civil Registration (BEK no. 1034 of 4/9/2017)

Gender of any baby born will not be assigned at birth, rather, it can be declared or changed at any time regardless of age and easily updated through government portals/avenues. The option for non-binary genders, i.e. a third gender or none at all, will be made available.

ยง 1. The personal identity number consists of 10 digits of which the six first indicate the birthday of the person.

Para. 2. Of the final four digits the first digit indicates the century the person was born. The final digit is even for women, uneven for men and the number zero indicates non-binary or undecided.

Para. 2. Babies will be given the last digit zero until they declare which gender they identify as.

Para. 3. Any person can freely change their final digit as often as and at any time they wish.