Law on Remuneration for Domestic Labour (LAW no. 78 of 12/2/2018)

Nowadays it is often the case that, in a family, both father and mother have a job. So they spend the same amount of hours working outside, although men are paid better.

When they get home, in a very high percentage of cases (and yes we are in the XXl th century) the biggest part of the work to be done at home (children, cooking, cleaning…) is done by the female part.

Since it does not look like men are going to reflect about this and change their privileged position in the family, there should be a law that either allows women to work less hours for the same wage or increases women wages substantially or both, so women can decide which ones suits them better.

§ 1. Women performing domestic labour in their family have the opportunity to work part time at full pay or work full time for a 30 % increase in salary as their contribution to the foundation of society is greater than that of a person working full time while not performing domestic labour.