Announcement of Primary School Law (LBK no. 1050 of 14/12/2017)

To introduce a program whereby kids and adults are learning how to love themselves, how to cherish their bodies, how to love others and how to accept each person the way they are/ as everyone is unique and had their own life experience and choices.

The current education system does not take into consideration the most important element – education of your inner self, your emotions and your happiness. Nobody is teaching you mindfulness at school nor the way your organs carry out their duties (e.g. role of stomach in your psychosomatic being). Nobody knows about yin and yang, biorhythms and 5 stages of being (Chinese medicine).

§ 5. The content of the teaching is chosen and organized so that it allows students to gain profound insight, overview, experience of relationships and social skills. The teaching will enable students to acquire the knowledge and working methods of the individual subjects. In this way, students should be able to apply and develop the acquired knowledge and skills through teaching in cross-cutting topics and issues.

Para. 2. Education in 1-9th class is given within 3 subject blocks and includes for all students:

1) Humanities:

a)-f) (…)

g) Ethics and morals at all grades.

2) Practical / Music subjects:

a) – d) (…)

3) Science:

a) – e) (…)