Announcement of Law on the Promotion of Renewable Energy (LBK no. 119 of 9/2/2018)

Going green will get inevitable, but to protect our earth against global warming we have to go green very soon. Therefore, there should be a law that obliges companies to run completely on green energy. For that, a lot of efforts must be made in the energy production sector. More investments in solar and wind energy must be done. The question is whether those can provide enough. Therefore, research must be done in other production methods, like ultra-safe nuclear reactors (e.g. generation lV) or fusion.

§ 1. The purpose of this law is to promote the production of energy by using renewable sources of energy in accordance with climate and environmental concerns.

§ 2. Corporations running on electricity, which has not been produced by renewable sources, will be fined.

§ 3. Any project researching solar, wind or nuclear energy and living up to certain criteria set by the minister of climate, will receive funding from the government fund for renewable energy.