Law on tax on certain websites (LAW no. 4 28/01/2018)

Tax on attention destroyers.

Tax on education hindering websites.

Just like a tax on unhealthy products, this tax would apply to websites and devices that divert your attention from activities from which you can receive happiness. All media, websites and devices that are known to destroy the social fabric, or lead to unhappy lives would be taxed by the minute spent by users on their website. Of course this tax is aimed mainly at facebook, tinder, google, apple and so on. This money would go to an education fund.

How would this work? For instance if someone spends 5 minutes on facebook, facebook will have to pay 5 p. for waisting someone’s time. The company wasting the world’s time would contribute to make it better. This would make up for all the loss in productivity of the previous year.

(This does not include works of Art and Education Companies).

§ 1. A tax must be paid to the treasury for the amount of time people spent on certain websites. Para. 2. The taxable websites will be decided by the Minister of Public Innovation and must include websites which are likely to have a negative effect on productivity, however it must exclude websites which promote art or serves educational purposes.

§ 2. The tax is 0,01 kr. per. hour spent on the taxable website.